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Roc Stea’D is the ultimate marriage of where hip-hop meets R&B. Individually, each girl is a triple threat in their own right, but with the lyrically attractive rap stylings of MC Brittany Elliott and the sultry melodic vocals of Jessica Lamarre, Roc Stea’D showcases a sexy twist of vibrantly fresh music. It is no mistake that these strikingly talented young women met while performing as backup dancers for another artist. After surviving the difficult task of trying to form an all girl group and continuously being left as the last ones standing in the aftermath, Jessica and Brittany went on to become Roc Stea’D.

Their energy, style, professionalism, and electrifying stage presence has garnered them an opportunity for the Motor City to rally behind them. As seasoned performers, Brittany and Jessica are no strangers to the big stage and bright lights. With tour performance for artists such as Ginuwine, Ciara, and TI to their credit, Roc Stea’D is well versed in what it takes to move the crowd. ”Our showmanship and everything is just really making Detroit proud in a way where local artists haven’t really been pushed yet." In their recent union with Detroit mega label, Live the Music Group, Roc Stea’D has positioned themselves to make a huge impact on the music industry at large. They are prepared to stake their claim on many speakers and show the world what it takes to make it to the top.
Love Me Like Before
Oh Na Na
Live The Music Group
39555 Orchard Hill Place, Suite 600
Novi, Michigan 48375 US